Monday, 22 August 2016

Drawing inspiration from Rio Olympics 2016

P.V Sindhu and Sakshi Malik did India proud by winning silver and bronze medal respectively in Rio Olympics 2016. The entire nation rejoiced as the Indian flag went up at the podium. Social media was in all praises for Sindhu and Sakshi flashing their photos and stories.

Every youngster in India was inspired and motivated reading and watching their power packed performances in Olympics. It must have been every youngster’s dream to achieve something huge such as what Sindhu and Sakshi have achieved. It must have been every parents’ aspiration to see their own children reach such great heights and to make them feel proud.

What is that we as a student/youngster, parents and teachers/coaches
have to learn from Sindhu’s achievement?

Who do you think should take the credit for the silver medal that Sindhu won? Sindhu? Parents? Or the coach?

Of course all three of them!

Sindhu worked really hard. Her determination, dedication, rigorous training from early morning 04:00 everyday and her never say die attitude makes her the world champion she is today. She gave her heart and soul for this sport.

If not for her parents, she could not have achieved what she has today. She draws inspiration from her parents for sports. Her parents are volleyball players themselves. Her father was awarded Arjuna award for his sport. Her parents believed in her ability to make it big in the sports field. They invested their time and continued to encourage her and stand by her in all circumstances. Her father took 8 months leave from his job to take her to the Gopichand’s badminton academy everyday tirelessly. Her parents could understand Sindhu’s passion and interest in badminton.

Similarly, her coach Pullela Gopichand identified her strengths quite earlier on when she joined the academy. He gave her the right coaching, provided her with the right environment/infrastructure, motivated her, mentored her and believed in her.

The mutual trust, understanding, motivation and the support system which they shared amongst three of them got Sindhu the silver medal in Olympics. They worked in partnership.

Let not Sindhu’s motivating achievement die down, instead let it continue to inspire millions of youngsters around the country.

Parents, please do not discourage your child if your child shows keen interest in a specific field that does not interest you. Do not force your decisions/choices on them. Every child is born unique. Not all children can become doctors and engineers. Trust in your child’s unique ability. Encourage your child and guide him/her through the right path so they can achieve their dreams.

Students, identify your skills and harness those skills. Stay determined and continue to have passion for the field you have chosen. Never let a small failure stop you from reaching great heights. Do not misuse the trust of your parents and teachers. Stay focussed.

Teachers/coaches, students spend more time with you at schools/colleges/academy than they do at home. Identify their strengths and help them utilise their time, energy and material/infrastructure to harness those skills better. Go out of your way to train them and mould them in such a way that they bring laurels to the country, school/colleges and to you.

No individual can achieve anything on his/her own. It is a team work amongst individual, parents and teachers/coach that helps one achieve greatest victory in life.

Go, make a difference and achieve something great in life. Nothing can stop you!

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