Friday, 23 September 2016

What are the reasons for your failure in academics?

Have you as students ever analyzed the reasons for your failure in academics?

There are few common reasons why students fail in their exams.

1st Reason - Your choice of specialization course at the time of college admission was right but now you are not sure about your choice. You are thinking you could have chosen another field. Therefore, you are losing interest in the subjects being taught and thus losing focus.

2nd Reason - You are already worried about your future e.g. job etc. and have already made an assumption that you are not going to find a suitable job after graduation. This is stressing you and therefore you are losing focus on your studies. It is your fear of failure and lack of confidence.

3rd Reason - You are not getting proper care and attention from your staff members at college. Therefore, you are failing in your exams. Also, you are not approaching your staff members when in doubt because you are shy.

4th Reason - You are lazy. You are taking it easy and are not interested in studies.

Before you proceed to read my blog further, please understand that there is NO SHORTCUT to achieving success in life other than working hard and working smart.

Here is how to work on above reasons of failure.

1st Reason -  You cannot change your field now as it is too late. Try to analyze what made you choose this field at the time of admission and work on them instead. Your parents have invested their money on your education with great hopes and trust on you. The only way you can repay them is to study and pass your exams. 

Subjects are not always interesting but bear in mind that without passing your subjects you cannot find a job. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your exams. You can find them on my blog here.

2nd Reason - You are worried about your job now because you are not doing your basics right (i.e.) working on your subjects and passing your exams. Until you climb your first step, you cannot jump to the next step. While you are still at college, start looking out for the various jobs you can apply for based on the qualification and skills you have. Start building those skill sets.

You can read here here on how to make the right career choice.

3rd Reason - If you do not understand anything that the staff is teaching you, then go and talk to them in the staff room in case you are feeling shy to ask in the classroom. There is no right or wrong question. As a staff member, it is staff's responsibility to clear your doubts no matter how big or small. Similarly, as a student, it is your responsibility to clarify your doubts. Staff is being paid to teach you and staff's salary is coming out of the fees that you pay. Therefore, you should utilize them for your services. Remember that if you are going to feel shy and do not have confidence to ask questions to your staff members, how are you going to manage yourself in the corporate world when you get a job? How are you going to speak to your managers and seniors in the office? Take this period while at college as a training period and start speaking to staff members. Do not worry about what will the staff think if you ask them questions. Teachers are there to help you and guide you.

4th Reason - Unfortunately you cannot afford to be lazy if you want to have a successful career and make your parents proud. You need to have the determination and dedication to work towards the career you want to have. As I mentioned before, there is NO SHORTCUT to having a successful life.

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