Saturday, 2 January 2016

Calling out all engineering students in India - Do you realise the competition around you?

It is every parent's aspiration that their children pass their engineering degrees with flying colors and be placed in a multi-national company through the college placements. This is the same desire that most of the engineering students have too. The dreams do not stop here, it goes onto the next level where by working in a multi-national company you want to grab every opportunity to travel abroad for an on-site project. The wait for which is painfully too long.

Leaving the dreams and aspirations aside, how many of you as parents and students are even confident that this can be achieved?

Some think that by exiting the door of the engineering college with a degree you can simply walk in through the doors of a multi-national company straight to your office desk.

If only the reality was as simple as the dream.

Most students feel relieved and get way too excited when they receive admission into engineering college that they forget the very purpose of their admission in the college. They often forget the fact that they have put down their names against a mad rat race, a race to earn a handsome salary, a fancy job title and a frequent travel abroad.

Have you as students ever thought about what will it take for you to win the race? Do you even realize how many fellow students you are competing with?

As per AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), the intake of engineering students across India for the year 2014-2015 was 1903722. This means on an average you are competing with 1.9 million fellow students. If you look at the stats below, the competition is growing year on year.

India has the record rate of producing maximum number of engineers across the world, yet only 18% of the engineering graduates in India are actually employable says a survey (National Employability Report released by a private employability solutions company).

Are you one among those 18% employable engineers ?

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