Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Do you know your challenges? - Blog Post 4

As students, when you have succeeded in finding a part time job abroad you should continue to remain focused on the primary purpose of your life.

When you are living abroad, you are independent and you are the ones who are in complete control of your life. Though independence teaches you many good things, along with it comes temptations.

The number of temptations is far too long for me to list, however I’d like to focus on one which I have witnessed in many students lives here in the UK. This temptation has ruined many students’ lives and has shattered many parents’ dreams.

As students start to earn from part-time jobs, the greed to earn more money kicks in. As a result of this, many students start to work above 20 hours a week knowing that it is against the immigration laws. In many cases, I have witnessed students work round the clock with no sleep. These students then missed the university classes, withdrew themselves from the university courses and eventually got deported back to their home countries after being caught by the immigration authorities. I have seen these students regret their mistakes later in their lives and were desperate to start all over again. Unfortunately it was too late by then. By then they had already shamed themselves, shamed their families, had wasted their parent’s hard earned money and shattered their own dreams and career.

The skill to achieve your ultimate purpose in life over your temptations is a challenge in itself. If you have mastered this skill then you have no looking back.

I was determined to achieve my purpose in life. My first step towards this journey was to graduate successfully. The next step was to sort out my work permit to be able to work in the UK and earn a professional job.

I was able achieve them one by one.

Have I then achieved my purpose in life? Of course not!

What I have achieved so far are some of the key milestones in my journey towards achieving my ultimate goal.

What are the other challenges a student faces?

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