Monday, 4 January 2016

You are under protective wings - only for a while

Following from my yesterday’s blog post, I believe many of you have been able to analyse your lives as students and also have reminded yourselves of the very purpose of enrolling in the chosen course.

Trust me - student life is the most pivotal phase of your life. This is the phase where you need to start laying foundations to your career ahead and at the same time ensure you have thoroughly enjoyed your student life to be able to create many long lasting memories. Finding the right balance between the two is the trick to achieve your purpose.

You have 4 years to graduate. 4 years is a very long time. The moment you have been through your admission process in an engineering college, you are either determined to do exceedingly well to achieve your goals right from day one or have a take-it-easy attitude and worry about your future only in the 4th year.

Is your purpose to graduate to earn a high paying job, move abroad for higher studies, become an entrepreneur, or become a trainer/coach? Whatever your purpose is, without understanding what it’d take for you to achieve your purpose you will only be building castle in the air.

Remember, as long as you are a student you are under protective wings. You have the support of your parents who’d go to any extent to offer you all the comforts you require to graduate successfully. You have the support of your college staff and faculty members to guide you, train you and mold you. You have loads of facilities available such as labs, library, opportunities such as workshops, seminars, events etc. Once you are out of the protective wings, you are on your own to face the real challenges of life.

Are you ready to be independent and face life’s tough challenges? 

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