Thursday, 7 January 2016

Do you know your challenges? - Blog post 1

Even before you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question that I had asked ‘Are you ready to face life’s tough challenges?’, do you even realize the kind of challenges you are going to face?

You will never feel accomplished if you do not face challenges in life and triumph over them. Your attitude towards challenges matters the most that either makes you or breaks you.

Soon after your graduation, depending upon your purpose/goals in life you are likely to face many challenges. Let me start by helping you identify few of those challenges based on some of the common goals a student has.

Goal 1 - Move abroad for higher education

My purpose in engineering days was to move abroad for higher studies and settle abroad. I dreamed to make it really big in a foreign land. Although my purpose was very clear, I did not know how to achieve it and what to expect. There was no one to guide me. I had to blindly trust what one of the study abroad consultants had to offer.

I come from a humble middle class family. My father is not filthy rich.  My father was then a senior scientist working for one of the Defence Laboratories in Hyderabad (now retired). For a family like ours, dreams of studying abroad was too much of a BIG ask. However, my father decided to press ahead and turn my dreams into reality.

We approached a study abroad consultancy where everything came with a price. It was only after had I paid the fee and signed up to the firm, that they would talked to us. Following the conversation with the consultant, I chose United Kingdom as my destination. I was offered a list of universities under the budget my father could afford. The consultant made my dreams seem very effortless. To summarize the lengthy conversation - pay the consultancy fees, have your visa stamped, earn part-time while you study in the UK, get a job post-graduation and start earning handsome salary in sterling pounds £££.

I went ahead, selected the university, chose my course and paid the fees.

I landed in UK.

Did I achieve my dreams? Was it really effortless?

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